Write Letters for Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours:

Students can now complete some of their service hours from home! We are asking students to write letters (see list below). Students will receive 2.0 hours of community service for each letter they write. You do not have to turn in a Community Outreach form, since the letter will be copied and saved to your file. You cannot use the same letter more than once.

Letters may be written to any or all of the following, addressed accordingly. The more letters that you write, the more service hours you will receive.
1) To a nursing home resident (Dear Sir or Dear Madam);
2) To a soldier (Dear Soldier or Dear Sailor or Dear Airman);
3) To a Nurse or Physician who works in a COVID-19 environment (Dear Nurse or Dear Doctor);
4) To a first responder (Dear Paramedic or Dear Sir or Dear Madam);
5) To a teacher (Dear Teacher).


  • Each letter must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs with at least 5 complete sentences in each paragraph.
  • The letter must be addressed using one of the phrases above (Dear ……). Add the date at the right end of that same line.
  • First paragraph should introduce yourself and give your name, high school name, and year of school (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). You can then talk about your family or your background, your likes and dislikes. You can also mention that the person is in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Second paragraph should show appreciation of the person (“Thank you for your service to this country” or “Thank you for your experience and wisdom” or “Thank you for your impact on the world today” or “I bet you have learned a lot and experienced a lot over time” or “I would love to sit down and talk with you someday about the way things were when you were younger”).
  • Third paragraph should detail something conversational or fact-like about yourself or your school or Colorado Springs (“I play basketball for my school team. We practice five times a week and will play our first game on February 13.” or “I like to sit outside after school and draw the scenery around me while my dog sits at my feet.”)
  • End the letter with “Sincerely,” or “Best Wishes,” or “Thinking of You,” then add your name. Do not include your address or any other personal information like a cell phone number.

Letters are being accepted NOW through April 30, 2021.

The letter CANNOT be written to a family member or a friend/neighbor or a St. Mary's teacher. Please send or give all letters to Mrs. Cichon at jcichon@smhscs.org. You can submit the letter via a shared Google doc, emailed as  an attachment, or delivered as handwritten or printed letter to Mrs. Cichon. (Do not address the letter to Mrs. Cichon.) We will deliver these letters each week as you turn them in.

Thank you!

Mr. Champion and Mrs. Cichon