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The house system is a form of student government that provides for leadership, mentorship, and the building of community throughout the student body. Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, St. Mary's High School students are sorted into one of four houses - Gallavan, Kelly, Loretto, or Myers.

The house names reflect those who have left lasting marks on the school since its establishment in 1885.

The House System supports all aspects of student life. It  joins students of different backgrounds and grade levels – of different talents and interests – into a new foundation for student activities. It increases school spirit. The primary goal of the House System is to increase connectedness between students, faculty, staff, alumni and community, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and providing each with extraordinary care and concern. 

Secondary goals include:

  • building trust and relationships throughout the St. Mary's community.

  • developing student leaders who are stewards of St. Mary’s legacy and faith tradition.

  • encouraging a student-centered school climate.

  • cultivating school spirit and House pride.

An alternative form of student governance, the House System allows students from all grades to build relationships across classes by older students mentoring younger ones. Class identity is still encouraged, while creating new traditions as well. 

The St. Mary’s Student Governance System is represented by the four Houses: Gallavan, Kelly, Loretto, Myers. Each House is divided into two mentor rooms. The student remains part of that homeroom for as long as he or she is at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s High School is a place of long tradition. Founded by the Sisters of Loretto in 1885, this new tradition does not replace the old ones, but builds on the family, the friendships, and community that we already have. Just as the beauty of our faith is ever ancient, and always new; so our school is built on a firm foundation, while always building new traditions.