Houses: Where Pirate Stories Begin

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Gallavan House Story

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Msgr. Kelly House Story

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Loretto House Story

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Fr. Myers House Story

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Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, all St. Mary's High School students are sorted into one of four houses--Gallavan, Msgnr. Kelly, Loretto, or Fr. Myers. The house system is a form of student government that provides for mentorship and the building of community throughout the student body.

The house names reflect those who have left lasting marks on the school since its establishment in 1885.

Purpose: The house system allows students to form close-knit relationships across classes and helps them build on the spirit of community that St. Mary's is known for. It also provides leadership opportunities to students at all grade levels.

Goal: The primary goal of the house system is to increase the pastoral care of each student and encourage a sense of family through faith, knowledge, and service. 

Objective: The primary objective of the house system is to enable all students, not just those who hold specific titles, to embrace their potential for leadership and to become part of a multi-grade community that is responsible for the academic, social, and spiritual growth of all its members.