All use of the logos on outgoing communication, including spirit wear, must be approved by Leah Ramzy. You can obtain approval by emailing designs to

Branding Manual & Style Guide

Sports Branding: One-page summary

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The logos that represent St. Mary’s High School reflect who we are and the education that we deliver. Maintaining a consistent brand across all of our communications, from letterhead to spirit wear, re-enforces St. Mary’s message of “Inspired by Faith, Empowered by Knowledge, United by Community.”

Our Branding Standards Manual, which can be downloaded at left, is your guide to using our logos correctly and effectively, by providing directions on usage, colors, and sizing.

The following logos are owned by St. Mary’s and are provided to approved vendors and/or individuals for the sole purpose of producing a specified product(s) for St. Mary’s High School. Unauthorized use by any organization or individuals constitutes a violation of the terms under which limited use of the trademarks is granted and shall result in a revocation of any rights granted. For logo-use permissions, please contact Leah Ramzy at

High resolution and/or vector files of any of the logos shown here can be obtained by emailing Leah Ramzy at


Crest logo

The St. Mary’s High School crest has proudly represented the school’s core identity and values for more than seven decades. First and foremost, the crest bears the cross, the symbol of Christ. Bracketing the cross are the letters “OSJ” and “OSM,” which stand for “O suffering Jesus” and “O sorrowful Mary.”

Above the cross is a crown signifying the triumph over death of our Lord and our Mother. The Latin motto “Deus Providebit,” taken from Genesis 22:8, translates as “God will provide” – a fitting phrase for every St. Mary’s generation. Finally, the crest bears the school name and location – proudly stating who we are and where we live out our Christian mission.

This logo is available in the full color version, shown here, as well as a one-color green version, a black version, and a reversed version. The Brand Standards Guide details when each version should be used. The crest is approved for all uses and should be used on all official St. Mary’s documents.


Rusty the Pirate logo

The St. Mary’s High School mascot is the pirate. And while its origin as our mascot is unknown, we are certain as to its character and purpose – to proudly represent the best that St. Mary’s High School has to offer on the playing field, pitch, or court.

The most recent portrayal of our identity is “Rusty,” the statue that stands guard in the school courtyard, watching over our students. Anyone who has seen Rusty knows the character with which he was sculpted and the strength with which he stands. Our athletic logo, pictured here, is inspired by Rusty and demonstrates a similar strength and spirit that is unique to a St. Mary’s Pirate.

Our full-color versions of the Rusty logo – the one shown above and one without the gray outline – can be used on all materials that involve Pirate athletics. The Rusty logo is also available in a black version and reverse gray version. The Brand Standards Guide details when each of these logos should be used.