Mary Anne Aragon

Mary Anne Aragon

Academic Support

The Academic Support Program at St. Mary’s High School provides help for students desiring to strengthen their individual study skills to enrich their success in core academic classes.

The Study Skills class provides:

  • Individualized attention focused on building high school/college level study skills and positive academic habits that lead to success in a school environment;

  • A small group setting (typically 8 students or fewer) to allow for individual attention to academic progress and needs;

  • A routine of checking grades and planning weekly in advance which leads to better organizational and time management skills;

  • Consistent accountability that encourages students to become fully engaged in their high school learning experience;

  • Students learn ways to avoid procrastination, strategies for staying on task, techniques to become more consistent with homework completion and ways to improve test taking skills.

Who should enroll in a Study Skills class?

  • Any student wishing to take advantage of a focused study environment, which involves weekly planning and progress checks.

  • Any student who desires to strengthen his or her individual study skills to enrich his or her success in core academic classes.

  • Any student, identified through the admission process, in need of additional academic support.

  • International students in need of additional assistance with studies due to language struggles and or expectations.

  • Students with mild learning deficiencies, ADHD, or dyslexia.

Additional Benefits:

  • Students and the ASP Teacher identify and examine academic areas to improve.

  • Encourages students to develop self-advocacy skills to improve communication in all aspects of their educational experience and life.

  • Students become aware of their own learning styles, how they process information, so as to enhance their ability to learn and comprehend information.

  • The ASP Teacher helps each student identify positive learning characteristics and to appreciate his/her strengths.

  • The ASP Teacher helps students become more self-aware to improve decision-making and performance.


St. Mary’s offers accommodations similar to those offered by colleges, universities, ACT, and College Board (SAT). Students who request accommodations or enter St. Mary’s with an Accommodation Plan from a previous school must provide one of the following:

  • A letter from a medical doctor explaining the diagnosis with a *DSM-V code and recommendations for academic accommodations. The doctor’s letter must be dated within the last three years.

  • A written report of a completed psycho-educational evaluation for cognitive and academic functioning through a licensed provider and have a completed report diagnosis with a *DSM-V code and recommendations for academic accommodations. Testing must be within the last three years.

St. Mary’s offers the following accommodations in classes, if one of the above criteria is met:

  • Access to an alternative quiet testing room.

  • Extended time on tests (1.5 X Normal).

  • Access to a computer for writing in Resource Center.

  • Access to a computer with text to speech software (student provided).

  • A copy of class notes provided by a teacher or peer as needed.

  • Preferential seating.

Note: Doctors and other evaluators may make recommendations based on their evaluation other than what is listed. However, St. Mary’s is only able to provide the accommodations listed above.

*Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th Edition