Student Drivers
Students with a valid driver’s license are allowed to drive to school and park on campus. They are required to purchase a parking permit that costs between $30 to $60 for the school year, depending on the chosen parking lot location. Parking permits can be purchased in the school’s Business Office.

St. Mary's High School is partnering with Mountain Metro Rides to offer free, automated matching for Schoolpool (carpool system) within a database just for families attending the Catholic Schools of Colorado Springs (St. Mary's High School, Corpus Christi Catholic Academy, Divine Redeemer Catholic School, Holy Apostles Preschool, Saint Gabriel Classical Academy, Saint Paul Catholic School, and Saint Peter Catholic School). When you sign up, you will find possible Schoolpool partners who live near you who are also looking to share rides to/from school or sports practice with their children. After you complete a commuter profile, you will be matched with the best candidates based on your information and preferences. You can print your results immediately, then email or call people near you and arrange to share a ride. Please consider signing up even if you have rides figured out for your own family, but would be willing to have another student ride with you. They have several families who need assistance with transportation, even just one way. The more families that register, the more successful the program will be.

Rest assured Mountain Metro Rides keeps your personal information confidential. We do not display your home address on other commuters’ ride match lists or distribute your information to other organizations.

To request the link to Register for Schoolpool, contact Leah Ramzy at or 719.635.7540.

Monument Bus
For families living in the Monument area, we offer a morning and afternoon bus to bring students to and from school. The bus can accommodate up to 14 students; the cost is billed in addition to tuition. The bus will pick students up at the Park and Ride in Monument as well as at the McDonald’s on Baptist Road. Families interested in riding the Monument bus will need to fill out a Transportation Contract. If you have any questions regarding the Monument bus route, please contact Dan Mersman (

Field Trip / Volunteer Drivers
Parents volunteering to drive during off-campus trips must turn in a copy of a valid driver license to the Business Office and a completed Volunteer Driver Waiver (see below).

**Parents should read and sign the transportation waiver form, which is available below.

  • Transportation Waiver (student)

    • NOTE: The Transportation Waiver needs to be completed if A) your student will drive fellow students to school-sanctioned events; or B) your student will be driven to practice, games, field trips, or other school-sanctioned trips by someone outside of your family.

  • Volunteer Driver Waiver (adult)

    • NOTE: The Volunteer Driver Waiver must be signed by adult drivers who will be transporting students other than their family members to school-sanctioned events.

Dan Mersman
Director of Transportation
Cell: 719.661.2590