Announcements: Thursday, Sept. 10

Good morning, Pirates! Today is Thursday, Sept. 10.

  • Per Ms. Jacques: Students you are NOT allowed to roam the halls during lunch. You need to stay in the classroom in which you’ve chosen to eat. Hall passes are necessary for visits to the restroom and such, just as if you were in class. Go to your locker before or after lunch. OK? 

  • Clubs: We are going planning a Club Fair, probably for Friday, Oct. 2, as part of our second community day at The Grace Center. If you’re an officer or sponsor of a club that’s still wants to operate and would like to be included in the fair, see Megan Clavenna or Kacey Barta in the coming days.

  • Seniors: Jostens forms are due by Sept. 16 and 17.

  • We will conduct Senate elections for sophomore and freshman class officers today in your Theology class. 

  • Summer service hours need to be turned in to the front office by Sept. 30!