Theology Department

Below are the detailed descriptions of the Theology courses being offered for the 2021-2022. Refer to the curriculum map see which courses are available for each class (freshmen, sophomore, juniors, seniors).

Freshmen Year: An Introduction to Catholic Theology
1.) Bible - Overview (The Great Adventure Timeline)
2.) The Gospel of Mark
3.) Acts of the Apostles (with Galatians)
4.) Creed (12 Articles)
5.) Liturgy and Sacraments
6.) Life in Christ

 Sophomore Year: A Catholic Reading of Scripture
1.) Genesis
2.) Exodus and Numbers
3.) Historical Books (Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings)
4.) The Prophets, The Return, and Maccabees
5.) The Gospel of Matthew
6.) New Testament Letters and the Early Church

Junior Year: The Life of the Church
1.) The Gospel of Luke
2.) The First Millennium (to 1054)
3.) The Second Millennium (1054 - Present Day)
4.) The Chair of Peter (Leo XIII to Francis - DHP & CST)
5.)The Psalms and Prayer
6.) The Four Last Things (The Great Divorce)

Senior Year: Wisdom for Life
1.) The Wisdom of the Old Testament
2.) The Gospel of John
3.) The Spiritual Life
4.) Vocation
5.) 6 Converts
6.) The Revelation of John