St. Mary's High School NEW Curriculum

St. Mary's updated Curriculum joins National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in recognizing the imperative that Catholic Schools must provide an excellent academic program within a faith-filled environment

  • Standards-based   

  • Infused with Church Teaching

  • Focused on Developing 21st Century Skills

  • Differentiated and Individualized Instruction

  • Continuously Assessed and Improved

St. Mary’s encourages academic rigor while focusing on the needs of individual students.  Our curriculum requirements prepare all students for college and career.  

St. Mary’s High School will continue to require a minimum of 28.0 units of high school credit for graduation for all students. 

NEW FOR 2021-2022:

FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES: MUST TAKE 6.5 Credits (may take as many as 7-8)
JUNIORS AND SENIORS:  MUST TAKE 6 Credits (may take as many as 7-8)

Beginning with the Class of 2025, St. Mary's will have two(2) Diploma Offerings:

College Prep Diploma
St. Mary’s traditional diploma

Honors Diploma
The requirements for an Honors Diploma are a GPA weighted 3.6 or above after eight (8) semesters of work and the completion of 10 weighted courses over four years. All upper class honors and AP courses are weighted courses. 

Honor Diploma students are allowed to choose an area of focus during their sophomore or junior year.  Areas of focus include Engineering, Science, Math, or Humanities.  The focus allows honors students to maintain academic rigor while providing some flexibility in curriculum requirements in their area of interest.  Our counselors work closely with students to provide these opportunities.

The following criteria outline the minimum course requirements each year. Please note, these requirements do not add up to the required ten (10) weighted courses. The remaining weighted courses, required to earn an honors diploma, can be taken in any grade and can be chosen from any weighted course offered by St. Mary’s.

  • A minimum of two (2) weighted courses must be taken during the freshman and sophomore years combined.

  • At least two (2) weighted courses must be taken junior year.

  • Among the weighted courses taken during the freshman, sophomore and junior years, two (2) must be AP courses and must be completed by the end of junior year.

  • At least three (3) weighted courses must be taken senior year, and one (1) of those weighted courses must be an AP course.

  • There is no AP score requirement to earn the honors diploma.


Honors courses provide students opportunities to work at their fullest potential and to prepare themselves for admission to the more competitive colleges and universities. Honors courses are offered in English, mathematics, science, social studies and world languages.  Candidates for the Advanced Placement or Honors courses must have teacher recommendations, received a B or better from pre-requisite courses, completed all summer work requirements and have acceptable standardized test scores. 

Staffed by Teachers and Assisted by National Honor Society Students

Math Mentoring Center
To further assist students, free tutoring will be available during Pirate Period in Math. Peer tutoring will be offered through the Math Department by members of the National Honor Society during this time on Monday-Friday. It will be mandatory for students who are struggling or missing assignments. It will be located in the Resource Center.

Writing Center
The Writing Center will provide instruction, resources and support for all students to improve as writers during Pirate Period. Peer consultants conduct sessions to help their fellow students improve as writers, becoming more competent and, as a result, more confident.

Core Curriculum Updates:

  • Social Studies (2020-2021), Theology (2020-2021)

  • English (2021-2022), Science (2021-2022)

  • Math (2022-2023), PLTW (2022-2023)