Myers House Shield

House Color

The color of Wheat Gold, denotes generosity and compassion and success.

House Saints

St. John Paul II
St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The Shield

The sports-themed heart at the center of the Myers House shield represents Father Rawley Myers' love of sports and the St. Mary's community.

How the Shield Came to Be

In fall of 2021, the inaugural year of the St. Mary's houses, students were asked to design house shields. Those students designs were collected, common themes were identified, and those themes were used by a graphic designer to create a shield for each house.

The shape of the shield was taken from the St. Mary's crest and each House shield was required to include the cross, also found in the St. Mary's crest.

Myers House

Father Rawley Myers came to St. Mary’s High School in the 1960s and remained a Pirate until his death in 2009. He taught theology and was a staunch supporter of St. Mary’s, both during its years as a diocesan school and after it became an independent Catholic school in 1987. 

For many years, Father Myers celebrated most of the Masses at the school and was a tremendous fan of Pirate athletics, especially football.  He was affectionately known as the Twelfth Man.  He would wear his football jersey over his clerical collar and walk the sidelines during every football game, both home and away, always watching, praying and cheering. 

If a school Mass coincided with a sporting event, his homily would often turn into a pep rally.  His enthusiasm was contagious and led to a couple new phrases that still resonate in the halls of St. Mary’s today, including “Pirate Pride” and “Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate.”

Father Rawley Myers was also a prolific writer and popular author.

House Emphasis: Community

The emphasis of Myers House is Community, chosen in honor of Father Myers' love of Pirate sports.

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St. Mary's High School Fr. Rawley Myers