Eric Baxter

Eric Baxter, M.Ed., School Counseling

Mr. Baxter has been in education for more than  30 years as a counselor working at the middle and high school levels. He attended Central Washington University where he obtained both his undergraduate degree and graduate degree  before  moving to Colorado Springs in 1997. He worked in various schools in District 20 for the last 25 years and most recently as a counselor at Discovery Canyon Campus HS.

He and his wife have five children, all grown and off exploring the world in many different ways, and two grandchildren. Mr. Baxter enjoys hiking, biking, golfing, movies, and hanging with family. One of his most memorable experiences occurred in 1996 when he led a small group of counselors to Guinea, West Africa, to provide training to regional counselors and pastors on how to provide mental health support in their communities torn by war and violence. His passion is working with students to help guide them through their school years and in making important decisions towards their future goals.
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College & Career Counseling

St. Mary's High School focuses on preparing students and families to be well informed of the ever-changing landscape of the college admissions process. Our focus on college preparedness is grounded in the mission of the school "to educate students in the Catholic tradition to be responsible, moral, critical thinkers and leaders, well-prepared for college and life."

The guidance counselor’s goal is to know each student at St. Mary’s personally. This is accomplished through a series of one-on-one student conferences, group meetings, and individual parent conferences as needed.

The chairperson of the theology department, Fr. Joe Dygert, as well as the principal and dean of students are also available to meet with students on a more personal level and to assist with life issues.

The guidance counselor encourages students to strive to develop strong applications, create balanced lists and apply to colleges that are a “good match” for their academic talents, abilities, and interests. The guidance counselor, has a wealth of information and resources at his fingertips to help in the college admissions, scholarship applications, and financial aid processes. He can provide a direct link to college admission offices, including military schools.

College planning and awareness begins as soon as your student enters the doors at St. Mary's. Our guidance counselor will meet individually with all students multiple times throughout the school year. Parents are welcome to make an appointment to discuss personal situations with the student's counselor.

In the fall, Freshmen sit for the standardized Iowa test; sophomores take the ACT test; and juniors take the PSAT. Counselors emphasize the importance of early academic preparation and planning. All incoming students and their parents set up an individual account on Naviance, an online college research tool that helps create a balanced list of colleges of interest to the student and family.

At SMHS, we strive to educate and empower our community by coordinating on-site College Representative visits throughout the school year to assist with the process.

Our College Guidance office guides students and families through an exceptional college-preparatory curriculum at St. Mary's High School, including 9 AP courses and 4 honors courses. Selection of courses each year occurs through individual student appointments with the guidance counselor with weigh-in from the parents. Early college planning is strongly emphasized.


  • Individualized one-on-one academic and college planning

  • Provide monthly communication to SMHS families

  • Liaison between students and college admission officers

  • Maintain relationships with college, university, and military institutions

  • Scholarship coordination

  • Facilitate parent / teacher communication

Quick Links

SMHS CEEB Code: 060295

Colorado Free Application Days – October 18-20

Southern Colorado College Fair – Coronado HS Gym – 1590 West Fillmore St. - Monday, Sept. 26 – 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Denver National College Fair – Denver Coliseum – 4600 Humboldt St. – Sunday, Sept. 25 – 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Christian College Fair of Colorado – CSCS – 4855 Mallow Rd – Monday, Sept. 19 – 6:00 to 8:00 PM (pre-register)

Attend College Rep Visits to SMHS – sign up through Naviance – check often for updates!

Naviance is a comprehensive tool that helps students towards their post-graduation plans in multiple ways: 1) look for careers, colleges, and scholarships; 2) keep track of your college applications; and 3) request transcripts and letters of recommendation.

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