8th Grade Enrollment

Class of 2023 group picture

Eighth graders are required to take a Placement Test in the core subjects of math, science, and English to help us determine the appropriate course placement for our freshmen. Please register online at Placement Testing for 8th Graders. The $25 testing fee will be applied to the $50 application fee should the student apply.

please submit the following admissions materials:
1) Student Information form - found on the right side of this page.

2) Application Fee of $25 (separate from Placement Testing $25 fee).

3) 7th grade final report card and 8th grade first semester report card.

4) Immunization records, most recent copy.

5) Recent Photo of Student - must be a clear image of student ONLY, showing head and shoulders, squarely facing the camera. No dark glasses, filters, etc. Max file size is 5 MB. If photo is scanned, the resulting file must print as a 2" x 2" image or larger. Cropped images must show only head and shoulders.

6) Teacher Recommendations from current math, science, and English teachers. The online form can be found here.

Admissions materials can be scanned and uploaded to Admissions@smhscs.org or attached to the bottom of the Student Information form, found on the right side of this page.

If your application is completed by Jan. 31, you will receive an acceptance packet by the end of February.


TADS (Tuition Aid Data Service) serves two purposes:
1) Pay tuition through monthly payments.

2) Determine eligibility for Tuition Assistance. An Offer of Assistance from SMHS is awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Apply at www.myTADS.com. Allow two to three weeks for processing.

The TADS application process for St. Mary's opens Dec. 1. The deadline to apply for tuition assistance is Jan. 31. The admissions application must also be completed by this date to be considered for the first round of tuition assistance.

If your TADS application is completed by Jan. 31, your Tuition Assistance offer will be included in your acceptance packet that you will receive by the end of February.

, a packet will be mailed to you.

Return the following paperwork and fee to the Admissions Office.
Course Request, signed.
Tuition Contract, signed.
Offer of Tuition Assistance, signed (if applicable).
Registration Fee of $500.

Student's classes will be scheduled after the registration fee has been paid and forms in the acceptance packet have been completed and returned.

DECREASE your tuition fee:
1. Purchase SCRIP through our Business Office. A percentage of the SCRIP profit is applied as a discount to your next year's tuition.

2. Pay tuition in full by June 15 by cash or check to receive a $300 discount or a $150 discount if paid on time by credit card. (NOTE: Tuition assistance recipients do not qualify for this discount.)

3. Pay one-half tuition by June 15 and the second half by Nov. 15 by cash or check to receive a $150 discount off second payment. Receive a $75 discount off second payment if paid on time by credit card. (NOTE: Tuition assistance recipients do not qualify for this discount.)

4. Request Tuition Assistance help through our online TADS program at www.myTADS.com. Find more information about this program at TADS: Tuition Assistance.