Buy Scrip Online!

SCRIP is a gift card program that allows the school to raise money through your everyday purchases. A portion of the profit also goes toward your tuition costs. You can spend the same amount of money, but allow the school to earn a percentage of what you purchase. Just think, money that you are spending anyway is generating financial support for SMHS, and fifty percent (50%) of all SCRIP profits go directly to the student's account! The more you use SCRIP, the more your family will save!

Two (2) ways to order SCRIP

ORDER IN THE BUSINESS OFFICE! Just stop by the Business Office and complete an order form. Many vendors' gift cards are in stock to take right away; others can be ordered. Orders placed before 8:00 am Tuesday should be available by Thursday afternoon of the same week.

ORDER SCRIP ONLINE! Easy, Secure, Convenient! Go to www.ShopWithScrip.com is the online ordering system that St. Mary's High School uses to gather family scrip orders. Using your free ShopWithScrip account, you will be able to order scrip anytime you're connected to the internet. It's so convenient!

Families interested in buying online can find more information in the Shop With Scrip flyer and the SWS Family User Guide. If you have questions, email smhscs.scrip@gmail.com and someone will be happy to help!

Our family has used ShopWithScrip for 4 years and we have earned $4,000 in rebates for St Peter Catholic School. Through their ScripNow program, we purchase the scrip we need, when we need it. We build rebates faster by trying to navigate our spending through the website, and getting family members to purchase scrip through the site. In our experience, ShopWithScrip has proven to be a powerful tool in fundraising for our school, and building our scrip earnings. ~ AH
The online scrip program is great! I have been using the Great Lakes online scrip for several years. It’s become a habit for me to check online scrip before I go out to get groceries or dinner/entertainment with my family or friends. I especially like the convenience of sitting at my home desk and printing ScripNow! to take to the movies or one of many restaurants involved with the program. I have saved over 500 dollars towards tuition in one school year! The program ables you to see detailed reports of what you have ordered and how much you save in rebates. I know families that have saved 1,000’s of dollars in tuition just from utilizing this scrip program. I’m thrilled St. Mary’s will now be using this online program! ~ TE
Our family has used Scrip gift cards for several years. Over the past few years, we have been able to offset a good portion of our tuition bill with Scrip rebates. We did this just by taking the simple step of having Scrip for our purchases! I’m sure we’ll be able to offset even more with the added ability to buy Scrip online! My out-of-area relatives will now also be able to buy Scrip and help us earn! ~ LO