ANNOUNCEMENTS: Thursday, March 4

Good morning, Pirates! Today is Thursday, March 4. It is the second Thursday of Lent. 

On Friday, March 5, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors  will take the IOWA Test of Basic Skills. Please be at school by 7:30 am and go directly to your assigned classroom.  ALL Freshmen will report to the Cove at 7:30 am. The lists of classrooms where students are assigned is available here. Please come Friday with two No. 2 pencils and a calculator and report directly to the classroom. We will complete testing at 11:30 am.

 There will be no Reconciliation at The Grace Center this Friday. Students are advised to check their parish resources for this Lenten season.

Want to go to Europe? Madame Taylor is planning a trip to Europe for June of 2022. Information is available in the eBlast and on the school website. See Madame Taylor for questions and more information!

Yearbook is asking students to send in selfies of yourself watching the basketball game on our livestream. Take a selfie while you’re watching the livestream of the basketball games this weekend, and then send it to yearbook. The email address is on the Class Classroom pages-- or see Chelsea Baker or Ms. Taylor. 

There are weekend jobs available for 16-18 year olds at the Flea Market. The cafe has openings and cleanup crews for lot cleaning and 18-year-old males for running the rides. Call Susie Wessell at 510-2999 if you have any questions or interested.