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St. Mary's High School is pleased to announce that Mrs. Robyn Cross has been selected to take over the role of principal of St. Mary's High School effective June 1, 2021.  

"Having observed Mrs. Cross's accomplishments as the director of Admissions for International Students, knowing that she has served St. Mary's previously as director of Admissions/Student Life and as Dean of Students, and seeing more recently her critical contributions in helping us navigate the challenges associated with the pandemic, I was thrilled with the recommendation to hire Mrs. Cross as principal from three high-level, experienced leaders within the school," said Deacon Rob Rysavy, president of St. Mary's High School.
Mrs. Cross is no stranger to Catholic education in general and St. Mary's High School in particular. She has a master's degree in education administration, has taught for more than 25 yeas at the K-8 level in Louisiana and at St. Paul Catholic School here in Colorado Springs, and has taught at the high school level at St. Mary's.
The Cross family commitment to St. Mary's High School runs deep in Mrs. Cross and her husband, Dr. Tommy Cross, who are the proud parents of three St. Mary's graduates, Nicole '08, Lauren '10 and Lindsey '12.
"I am overjoyed at the opportunity to continue serving the St. Mary's family. I know I have big shoes to fill as I follow in the footsteps of Mr. Biondini, which is why I am deeply grateful that he is staying with us and will return to his cherished role taking care of our students as one of the best guidance counselors any school could ever want," Mrs. Cross said. 
Deacon Rysavy has high praise for Mr. Biondini. "The value of Mr. B's leadership over the course of this challenging, COVID-19, academic year simply cannot be overstated. St. Mary's has experienced one of the most challenging years not just in our school's history, but in the history of education as a whole. His ability to tackle challenges with wisdom, experience and that legendary Mr. B. sense of humor makes the journey through these pandemic difficulties possible. His commitment to stay at St. Mary’s and allow us to lean on his wisdom will be a great blessing as we continue to successfully work through these interesting times," Rysavy said.
As always, Mr. Biondini's enthusiasm for St. Mary's is inspiring. "I'm a St. Mary's graduate, and St. Mary's will always be a part of my life. Having the privilege of working with these great professionals, especially over the last year, is one of the great joys of my life. I have known Robyn Cross for many years, and I am delighted to hand over the reins to her and stand with her as St. Mary's continues to grow and continues to take care of our amazing students. She and Brigid Jacques are already a great team, and St. Mary's is in good hands. Row the boat!" Biondini said.