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A second member of our community has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Return to School. 
Based on the timing of the second positive test result and our contact tracing associated with it, there is no impact to our current return to school plan. We still plan to be back in the school on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Students and teachers who were physically in the following classes during the specific class period on ***WEDNESDAY, OCT. 28*** will need to quarantine. Click this link to view the quarantine instruction letter on our website.

Period - Class
1st - Chemistry 1A
2nd - English IIA
3rd - American History
4th - Algebra IIA
5th - Study Hall, room 402, Mrs. Hanshew
6th - Theology II
7th - Spanish II

Again, only those students who were physically in the above classes on WED, OCT. 28, will need to quarantine. And again, here is the link to the quarantine instruction letter.

This is a good opportunity for a couple of reminders:

- Let's make sure to pray for our community members impacted by COVID-19. Not just those who tested positive, but also for their families and loved ones.
- Please take care of yourself. Yesterday, Nov. 4, was a new record nationally for new COVID cases with more than 100,000. Almost 3,000 of those cases were here in Colorado.
- Take a deep breath. Ten years from now we're all going to wish we had stayed calm and were patient with each other. Let's be those calm and patient people now.


Mike Binodini, '66

Deacon Rob Rysavy