Counseling Center

Guidance Counseling
Students are assigned one guidance counselor for their four years in attendance at St. Mary’s. The guidance counselor’s goal is to know each student at St. Mary’s personally. This is accomplished through a series of one-on-one student conferences, group meetings, and individual parent conferences as needed.

We have two guidance counselors who split the alphabet by student’s last names A-L and M-Z. There is a personal counselor available to meet with students on a more personal level and to assist with life issues.

Counseling Services

  • Individualized one-on-one academic and college planning
  • Provide monthly communication to SMHS families
  • Liaison between students and college admission officers
  • Maintain relationships with college, university, and military institutions
  • Scholarship coordination
  • Facilitate parent / teacher communication
Mike Biondini
Mike BiondiniCounselor
Mr. Biondini serves as counselor for students with last names beginning with M-Z.
719.635.7540 ext. 20
Dennis Murphy Licensed Personal Counselor
719.635.7540 ext. 37

Scholarships and Financial Aid

National Scholarship Opportunities – In addition to local scholarships, we encourage you to look at other free sources of scholarships. For a national database of scholarship information, we suggest Fast Web or Sallie Mae. Both access the CASHE database, which is the largest in the nation and has over 600,000 scholarships listed.

College Scholarships Opportunities – The largest source of money for college is the college itself. If a student applies to a college with rolling-admissions, they should hear about acceptance to the college within 4 to 6 weeks. After being accepted, a student should contact the college office (example: College of Arts and Sciences office within the University of Colorado) and the specific department office (example: Chemistry office) for a list of scholarships. In addition, a student should contact the financial aid office for a list of scholarships that are available for students attending their institution. If a student is applying to a college that has an Early-April notification date, they should contact the same college offices mentioned above a few weeks after their complete application is mailed to the college.

Visit to find information about scholarships, student loans, the FAFSA, scholarship scams and much more.