Our Mission at St. Mary’s High School

A Catholic, College-Prep Family Since 1885

St. Mary’s High School exists to educate students in the Catholic tradition to be responsible, moral, critical thinkers and leaders well prepared for college and life.

Accepted to at least one 4-year college – 93%
Students that applied to college and were accepted – 100%
Faculty that hold a master’s degree or higher – 94%

In order to fulfill our mission, we:

  • Form the Whole Person in the Catholic tradition: preparing students for moral and actionable living in mind, body, and spirit
  • Stress Academic Excellence:  producing young adults skilled in critical thinking who fully realize their intellectual potential (for college and beyond)
  • Empower Students to Grow: through a diverse host of extracurricular and athletic opportunities, students grow to become moral and productive members of their communities
  • Foster Mutual Respect:  providing a safe, supportive, and respectful environment with large school experiences in an intimate school with small class sizes
  • Embrace a Call to Serve: by serving others in our community, develop a lifetime habit of community outreach
We Believe