A campaign for St. Mary’s High School

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Operational finances are a challenge every year as the school struggles to keep tuition affordable while meeting its financial obligations. Now is the time to address the financial reality of past building projects. Since moving to the current campus in 1992, St. Mary’s has borrowed $6 million that was used to purchase the main building and successive improvements culminating with the opening of the Grace Center. The school continues to make progress on reducing its debt and has currently paid off $1.4 million of the bonds.

For this reason, leaders of St. Mary’s High School are pleased to announce the We Believe…Our Faith, Our Family, Our Future Campaign. This campaign is an opportunity for us to come together for the greater benefit of our school – a chance to secure a solid foundation for the future. Throughout our history, we have consistently developed high achievers as well as students prepared for college and all walks of life, who are engaged in their community. This campaign will enable St. Mary’s to continue this tradition in academics, service and extracurricular activities, remaining the sole Catholic high school in Southern Colorado.

Campaign Priorities
The campaign priorities are based on $10 million of need, listed below in order of priority. No building renovations or construction will begin until $2.5 million of debt service is reached and any of the building aspects are fully funded.

Debt Services ($2.5 million)
Academic Improvements ($3.5 million)
Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund
($2.5 million)
Locker Room Construction/Maintenance Endowment for The Grace Center ($1.5 million)

For more information on each of these areas of need, and to see plans for future expansions, please click on the Campaign Preview and Campaign Details PDFs located in the Checklist at right. The Checklist includes ways to give and a downloadable Pledge Form that can be returned to the school.