Buy Scrip Online!

St. Mary’s families and friends can now use ShopWithScrip to place orders for physical cards, just like they do at school. Better yet, using PrestoPay!, families can purchase ScripNow eCards that can be printed at home – nearly immediately!

If you’ve purchased Scrip at the school since May, your ShopWithScrip account is probably already set up! You can use the email address that you provided for the SMHS Directory on the Shop With Scrip login page. Then click on the “I’ve forgotten my password” link and SWS will send you a reset link so you can get access to your account.

Those families that don’t already have an account can get started using the Get Started button on the Shop With Scrip login page. New subscribers will need the SMHS enrollment code in order to set up a new account. You can email for the code.

Families interested in buying online can find more information in the Shop With Scrip flyer and the SWS Family User Guide. If you have questions, email and someone will be happy to help!

Buy Scrip on campus!

As always, St. Mary’s families can still purchase Scrip cards on campus from the Business Office. Just print out one of the Scrip Order Forms included below, fill it out, and take to the Business Office to receive your cards.

This letter gives more information about the Scrip program.

  • Scrip Order Form
    This order form lists the cards that the Business Office has on-hand and can provide at the time of purchase.

  • Scrip Cards to be Ordered
    This order form lists Scrip Cards that can be ordered, either through the Business Office or through the online Scrip program.

Our family has used ShopWithScrip for 4 years and we have earned $4,000 in rebates for St Peter Catholic School. Through their ScripNow program, we purchase the scrip we need, when we need it. We build rebates faster by trying to navigate our spending through the website, and getting family members to purchase scrip through the site. In our experience, ShopWithScrip has proven to be a powerful tool in fundraising for our school, and building our scrip earnings.
The online scrip program is great! I have been using the Great Lakes online scrip for several years. It’s become a habit for me to check online scrip before I go out to get groceries or dinner/entertainment with my family or friends. I especially like the convenience of sitting at my home desk and printing ScripNow! to take to the movies or one of many restaurants involved with the program. I have saved over 500 dollars towards tuition in one school year! The program ables you to see detailed reports of what you have ordered and how much you save in rebates. I know families that have saved 1,000’s of dollars in tuition just from utilizing this scrip program. I’m thrilled St. Mary’s will now be using this online program!
Our family has used Scrip giftcards for several years. Over the past few years, we have been able to offset a good portion of our tuition bill with Scrip rebates. We did this just by taking the simple step of having Scrip for our purchases! I’m sure we’ll be able to offset even more with the added ability to buy Scrip online! My out-of-area relatives will now also be able to buy Scrip and help us earn!